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Join the Cardinal Cushing Club!

Named for our former Director, the late Richard Cardinal Cushing, the Cardinal Cushing Club offers its members the opportunity to be regular prayerful and material supporters of the Missions. Every member receives a Mission calendar with pre-addressed, post-paid monthly tear off envelopes for their financial sacrifices.

Missionaries need your sustaining help!

Every time Sister Rose sends the children in her care to pump fresh water from the well, she says a prayer of thanks to you. She knows that without your regular help, her young charges in Madagascar would be drinking contaminated water from a local river. With limited access to health care, the little ones would not only suffer from serious health issues but would also miss out on the vital education she brings to their remote village. Will your family drink one less bottle of soda a week and send $5 a month to the missions this year?

Father Bede is especially grateful to our sustaining donors because they change the lives of his parishioners on the tea plantations high in the mountains of Sri Lanka. In a place where Christianity is a tiny minority, Father counts on the Society for the Propagation of the Faith to help him provide a small church and all the supplies he needs to say Mass on a regular basis for his growing flock. Will you eat less snacks at home and send the extra $20 a month to the missions this year so that priests can feed their people with the Body of Christ?

Before a generous Boston donor stepped in, Joseph and his wife – lay catechists in Uganda –  walked over thirteen miles each weekend to teach faith formation at a tiny outstation because no priest was available. Now, they ride a bicycle, praying in thanksgiving with each push of the pedal for the gift of transportation. Will you skip a takeout meal just once a month this year and send the $50 you may save each month to us for the faith formation of those who are just beginning to know Jesus?

Around the world, missionaries depend on your sustaining help to do their life-saving, faith affirming work. Your monthly gift to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith – Pope Francis’ own mission society – is fundamental to their ministries.  

Click on the Donate Now button and become a Join the Cardinal Cushing Club as a Monthly Donor– note it in the comments section and we’ll send you our Mission Calendar as a thank you!