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Mission Support Programs

Mission Support Programs The Propagation of the Faith asks for prayerful support for the spread of the Gospel and the work of the Church around the world. There are a variety of ways to show your support for the missions during the year:

Pray daily for the Church’s missionary work – Our Father

  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Be
  • St. Francis Xavier, pray for us
  • St. Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us.

Offer your personal sacrifice – your pain, your loneliness, your anxiety, your sickness or sadness – in union with the sufferings of the crucified Christ for the redemption of the world.

Become a member of the Cardinal Cushing Club, a monthly donor group that meets to hear mission speakers, pray the World Mission Rosary and learn about issues affecting the Church around the world.

Welcome a missionary to your parish the Mission Co-Operative program Every summer, missionaries are sent by the Propagation of the Faith office to our local parishes to share their personal witness and ask for your help in continuing their work.

Answer a Direct Mail Appeal Sent out during Advent and Lent, our appeals tell a mission story and ask for your prayers and a sacrifice to continue the work being done to promote the Good News. Our donor lists are never sold or shared.

Contribute in your parish on World Mission Sunday On the second to last Sunday of October, the Catholic Church around the world unites in prayer and the sacrifice of the Mass to recognize the importance of the last words of Jesus on earth: “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 28:19). Missionaries everywhere are able to live their vocations because of the sacrifices made on this day. This year, World Mission Sunday is October 18th.

Enroll yourself or a loved one in Society Membership

Have a Mass said in the Missions for your intentions

Be a part of the Propagation of the Faith Charitable Gift Annuity program. This is an especially attractive way to make a charitable gift and secure a relatively high, lifelong income. Current rates range from 5.7% to 11%, depending on your age. The tax benefits of the charitable contribution on your current year’s income tax return and the tax-free portion of the annual return make the effective yield even higher. The minimum gift for participation is $5,000. Most importantly, through this program, you will be helping the Church’s worldwide missionary efforts well into the future.

Consider the Pooled Income Fund. This program enables you to make a generous irrevocable gift to the Missions and to provide yourself with an income for life. Our Pooled Income Fund is similar to a money market fund. Your gift is invested together with the gifts of other donors, and each donor receives his or her share of the fund’s earnings each year. You can claim a charitable contribution on your itemized income tax return for the year in which you make the gift. However, for Federal income tax purposes, payments which you receive each year are fully taxable. The minimum age requirement for this program is 50.

Remember the Propagation of the Faith when writing or changing your Will.