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How to Help

How to Help The Missions

A Pontifical Mission Society, HCA calls upon children to share their faith with children in the Developing World through their prayers and personal sacrifices.

Offerings from children in the United States — through the HCA Membership Program, Advent and Lenten programs, parish and diocesan fundraising activities — are joined with offerings from other children throughout the world in a General Fund of support. These funds are distributed in their entirety each year.

Annually, young people in kindergarten through eighth grade also participate in HCA’s Prayer Week to demonstrate their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the missions

Through the efforts of children in the United States, approximately $2.2 million is raised for HCA every year. These offerings help support the Church’s pastoral and evangelizing programs among children and to provide food, medicine, clothing, education and shelter for the poorest among these.

While HCA members accomplish a tremendous task on their own, the needs of the world’s children are greater still. Adults can join in the efforts of young people in the United States by supporting and encouraging their active participation in HCA. Adults may also offer their own prayers and financial contributions to the Holy Childhood Association.

To find out how you can help support the work of the church in the missions through the Holy Childhood Association, contact Maureen Crowley Heil, Director of Programs and Development, at 617-779-3871 or email mheil@propfaithboston.org.