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Happy 10th Anniversary Holy Childhood Zambia!

“Make Yourself Neighbors”

Very often, when we give to the missions we think of the material support sent to those living in circumstances less blessed than our own. We are not the only “givers”, however. One of the goals of the Holy Childhood Association is to teach children worldwide that everyone has something to give through prayer and personal sacrifice.

Recently, the children of the Zambia came together to prove just that. The students gathered to celebrate 10 years of their participation in the programs of HCA, not just by receiving, because they are a mission diocese, but by giving as well. For three days, thousands of children gathered, dressed in the colors of the World Mission Rosary to learn about and pray for the children of the continents that their clothing represented.

Because they understand that our shared faith in Jesus Christ makes us all connected they chose as their theme.

“Make Yourself Neighbors”

These HCA members learned about their own Baptismal call to be missionaries and spread the Good News to everyone.

Meet James Moonga, a fourth grade student at the St. Charles LwangaSchool in the Diocese of Monze, Zambia and a member of the HolyChildhood Association. James is wearing his World Mission Rosaryand eating a lunch of cabbage, beans and nsima, a traditional food of his country. The food for James and his fellow HCA members was provided by the Diocese through sacrifices made by HCA member around the world! James is very proud that last year, he and his fellow students in Zambia were able to sacrifice $4140.00 for other children in the missions around the world through the Holy Childhood Association..

Zambia’s Holy Childhood members send a message:

We are praying for you!

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